“The Ants”; a piece by Comfort S. Adjei

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  • Comfort Sabbath Adjei is a student on the Tamale Campus of the UDS
  • She motivates in her 4th publication (on uds360.com) below


Comfort Sabbath Adjei | Student Writer on UDS360.com


In my favorite book “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life” Dr. Daniel Amen talks about “ANTs” – Automatic Negative Thoughts. These are bad thoughts that hinders us from progressing in life.

They limit our way of thinking. Negative thoughts can damage our brains. They lead to low self esteem and control our very being. These thoughts usually have reactions as;

1. He approached me easily because l’m not beautiful.

2. No matter how I run, I’m always at the same spot.

3. These people are laughing they must be talking about me.

4. The lecturer wants to see me, l might have failed my exams.

5. I can’t do this because I’m not capable

6. I have achieved nothing, I’m just a burden.

7. l’m always last because l’m dull.

8. The boss wants to see, it must be bad.

My dear when you notice these negative thoughts, realize that they are nothing more than ANTs, squash them!

Squash and direct your brain to Automatic Positive Thoughts “APTs” . Develop the “I can” and “l will” spirit. Be optimistic and . you will see the power of positive thinking. Squash the ANTs and be happy. Change your brain to positive thoughts. You’re possible dear!

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  • Name: Adjei Sabbath Comfort 
  • Capacity: Student Writer/Author on www.UDS360.com
  • Campus: Tamale
  • Course of study: Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education 
  • Year of study: 100
  • Contact Info:  0502067873 / misgyamfua@gmail.com
  • Articles Published on UDS360.com: 4th

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