‘Once upon our story’; by I.M Saani

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  • Ibrahim Mohammed Saani is an alumnus of the Tamale Campus of the UDS.
  • He drips words of poetry below for you reading pleasure.


Ibrahim Mohammed Saani | Alumnus Writer on UDS360.com


Once upon a time will tell our story
When we used to sit by the fireside to banish our worry
with stories of kweku ananse
Who built his mansion at “amangoase”

Yet his stories could not reveal his real character
In our mind’s eye we imagined his picture
As that creative spider who weaved not like the ordinary weaver
The aspirations of his made our doubts quiver
And made us believed that whatever we dream, we can deliver

Once upon a time will tell our story
About the unity that bind us in our homes
The sense of togetherness that made us strong before any army
Our strength in unity could seize a tsunami

Once upon a time will tell our story
About how we used to sit in circles, sharing the same bowls
Working out different roles
And farming to banish famine

Love wasn’t a definition
Or a quest to gain attention
It was a state of heart
That flowed through our hearts

Once upon a time will tell our story
About how we met under the gossip trees
Where our love promises were eavesdropped by trees
And the breeze of their sway made our condition worth memorable
There was nothing like WhatsApp or love letter
We spoke our heart out

Once upon a time will tell our story
Dive us into the pool of contemplation
To bring back our conscience
Which can never be studied by science
Or manufactured once fettered

Once upon a time will relate the state in which our love became crippled
By the influences of external forces
Our dignity became our infirmity
Our pride was bought for free
And our mind’s were channeled for gifts
That birthed corruption and disparity

This is now our story
After we compromised human dignity for worldly liquidity

We fall by the gun, executed by our hands
The evidence of blood, spill on our lands
And so love cannot grow
On a land filled with sorrow

  • amangoase“: in Akan language literary means under a mango tree

  • Writer’s name: Ibrahim Mohammed Saani
  • Capacity: Alumnus Writer/Author on www.UDS360.com
  • Course Studied: BSc. Community Nutrition
  • Year of Completion: 2018
  • Campus: Tamale
  • Number of articles on UDS360.com: 2nd
  • Contact info: buddingstudio@gmail.com / 0542044890

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