“Dagbon on This Day”; a poem by Mohammed Andani

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  • Mohammed Andani is a student writer on the Nyankpala campus of the UDS.
  • He writes in praise of the progress made by Dagbon in getting A YaNaa and restoration of everlasting peace


Mohammed Andani | Student Writer on UDS360.com


I’ll tell stories of this Day
With no sorrow or dismay
To my sons
And the Sons of their Sons
If I so live that long

I’ll let greatness flow in my tone
Calm their hearts like a stone
So they may get goosebumps
And give thumps up
For the history of this day

This day
When the Lion was put to sleep
And given eternal water to Sip

This day
When a lost culture was rekindled
And a lost glory restored

This day
When masses gathered
Like the biggest swarm of honey bees
In honor of the Lion

This day
When the ground rejoiced
The trees danced
And the birds sang in jollity

This day
When the drums wept with joy
The musketry made music
And the musketeers looked
Handsomely ugly in their
fearsome regalia

This day
When we laid the foundation
Rolled the Lion skin
And Awaited the arrival and rebirth
Of a new Lion
A new King ,
A new Supreme Leader of Absolute Power
A new Ya-naa

To have and to love
To rule and to protect
To fight and to die for
With solemn honor
Over a new Dagbon

Which rose
On this day
From the abyss of shame
To the pinnacles of greatest glory

  • Writer’s name : Alhassan Mohammed Andani
  • Awards: UDS360.com’s 2017 Best Student Writer – Poetry Category
  • Capacity: Student Writer/Author on www.UDS360.com
  • Course of Study: BSc. in Social Change Communication
  • Year/Level: 300
  • Campus: Nyankpala
  • Number of articles on UDS360.com: 22nd
  • Contact infoMedandan123@gmail.com / 0206661753
  • Writer’s Rank: Check-out Andani’s Profile & rankings her

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