Press Release: Wa Campus graduands ‘group’ disagrees with change of Congregation venue

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  • Dates and venue for the 19th Congregation of the University for Development Studies (UDS) has been somewhat changed
  • All graduands (from all the 4 campuses) are to converge on the Tamale Campus 

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A group of gradaunds on the Wa Campus have responded to the change of the venue for the Wa Campus congregation in a press release (below).

Dated: 3/11/18

cc: All media houses, Ministry of Education, The Presidency, UDS, Vice Chancellor,

Disagreement to the sudden change on Graduation Venue

UDS is a tertiary institution with 4 different campuses and over the years it has practiced a continuous culture when it comes to Matriculation and Graduations, which has always been welcomed by parents and either stake holders of the university and it must continue.

We closed from work on Friday 2/11/18 barely a week to our graduation which is suppose to take place back on our campus Wa, only to hear news circulating that the graduation which has its won problems bedeviling it is rescheduled to Tamale campus which is hosting the entire UDS campuses instead of the intended 10th

Faulty Graduation list

The school generated two sets of graduation lists (Manual and online) with different information. They have decided to use the online list after receiving several complains of out online system being messed up.

In this list, the school has shamefully omitted several students of good standing from it and over 3 weeks now after receiving  several complains nothing has been done to solve this problem.

Several Students of good standing to graduate have their names omitted but the school cannot justify that these students have some debts to settle or have disciplinary issues to address.

These students might not even have their names in 19th congregation graduation book.

This has prompted us to speak out. The hardship and imposed regulations we UDS Wa Campus students already witnessed back on campus is enough and to be treated this way will be the last thins we can accommodate.

Late Notice

On the issue of rescheduling the venue to Tamale to host all campuses, we feel this is a form of disrespect to the entire congregation without giving us a tangible reason for the impromptu changes in venue which we believe its totally not acceptable. Stakeholders (Student leadership were also sidelined in taking this decision.


Preparations are already made as to where we will be accommodated together with our families without much hustle. Our friends were joining other students on campus to free up some rooms for our accommodation, we have arranged to sleep with out friends we already had on campus for the short stay in order to cut down cost. Now, the change means we all struggle to book hostels and guest houses around Tamale for ourselves and our families on top of the huge amount of money taken as graduation fees.


We have also gathered that its has been the top most priority of the administrators to call on the first gentleman of this land, H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo to grace the graduation , so they intend to bring us together  so as to prove to him that we  also got the numbers.

Being it true or false, we want to tell the administrators that we graduands from Wa campus want the ceremony done on our campus to reduce our stress, hustle for accommodation, and hustle for graduation gowns that are not even enough regardless of who graces the occasion.

If our plea is not considered, UDS will experience its first graduation boycott.

If it must be done, it must be done well.

Convenor:  Ampofo Ofori Samuel (TUGA) / 0241791526

Co-Covenor: Teye Benjamin / 0540932936

Theophilus Arthur (IDS) / 0240913180

Brefo Philip Boahem (Accounting and Finance) / 0246386950

Doris Adjei Sefowaa (B.A Development Communication) / 0276808189

Cyril Darbeng (Environmental and Resource Studies) / 0546893572

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